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In the meantime each phase of a film’s production, a group of people collaborates to form a miniature work organization that has characteristic problems of motivation, leadership, and structure. Each phase is a temporary system, limited in duration and membership, in which people come together, interact, create something, and then disband. The director has to stimulate and manage different kinds of creative work under intense budget and time pressures. The director’s principal job is managing the creative process. film units are temporary creative systems, they have much in common with technical or scientific projects, consulting teams, task forces, and other short-term task groups. For this reason, observations about the film unit, we studied should be relevant to managers of such groups.

Film units go through three main phases. Each involves different people, tasks, and locations. Only the director, producer, and scriptwriter stay with the process from start to finish. But before anything can begin, a deal has to be made—a package of the writer (and script), and a director, all of whom are committed, and whose commitment forms the basis of the deal. Putting the package together is like developing a proposal, getting the package financed is akin to getting the contract. Once this has happened, the film unit comes into existence.

The modern motion-picture director is the person most responsible for the ultimate style, structure, and quality of a film. Cinema is an art of collaboration, and in some instances, someone other than the director may come to dominate (for example, a producer with authority over the final cut or an actor whose box-office popularity gives him the power to direct the director), but in general, it is assumed that the person assigned to direct the picture must take the credit or blame for its form and content. One such talented artist in filmmaking is Andrei Sporea.

Andrei Sporea, is an American Filmmaker, director, writer, and actor born on July 28, 1982, in Brooklyn, New York. Sporea was born as Teofil-Andrei Sporea to Romanian immigrant parents. He is a single child of father Dr. Teofil Sporea, an electrical engineer, and a Monmouth University Professor of Computer Science. Mother Ana Sporea worked a lifetime in accounting. He lived in Brooklyn and in Queens, NY till the age of 13, when he moved to Howell, New Jersey. Despite an early interest in Acting, Film Making, and Martial Arts, he pursued a Computer Science degree from Delaware State University in 2005. Andrei has also studied Acting and Drama in Manhattan. As a youth Andrei Sporea modeled for John Casablanca, Levi’s, and Hugo Boss.

Primarily by profession, he is a Film Director, producer, writer, and actor, in Hollywood California. Sporea worked as a CNC engineer in the aerospace industry for Dukes Aerospace, Hydra Electric, and PPG Aviation. Sporea once also owned an Italian restaurant named Marciano’s Chicago Style. He attends all the Los Angeles and New York fashion shows.

Andrei moved to Los Angeles in 2009 where he pursues Acting and Film Directing. He is also the owner of his film company Mafiotto Films.

Sporea is a world traveler with his work domain around film financing and distribution meetings across the globe including USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Santa Lucia, Bahamas, Aruba, St. Martin, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Romania, Hungry, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, England, Ireland.

Sporea’s directorial and production works include Business of Betrayal (2022), Limo Driver (2019), Professor Thompson (2018), The Mayors Daughter (2017), The Recruit (2017), Jane II (2016), The Recruit (2016), Amateurs (2016), Moments in the Grey (2016), Concerning the Bodyguard (2015) and Your Own Story (2014). His latest feature film, Business of Betrayal is distributed to Amazon Prime, and Tubi and is still in the works for more streaming channels. Sporea is an actor and producer, known for Amateurs (2016), Can’t Move On (2014), and No Leaf Clover



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