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G59 Records: The Ultimate Destination for Underground Music Fans

f tG59 Records is a powerhouse in the underground music scene, known for its gritty, authentic sound and fiercely independent spirit. Founded by $uicideboy$ members Ruby da Cherry and $crim, G59 Records has built a dedicated following by staying true to its roots and delivering raw, unfiltered music that resonates deeply with fans around the world.

The Rise of G59 Records

Origins and Founders

G59 Records, also known as Grey*59, was established in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim. The label was created out of a shared desire to break free from traditional music industry constraints and to create a platform that allowed for complete creative freedom. This ethos is reflected in every release, with music that challenges norms and pushes boundaries.

Musical Style and Influence

The music of G59 Hoodie is a unique blend of hip-hop, punk, and heavy metal, characterized by dark, introspective lyrics and hard-hitting beats. The label’s sound is heavily influenced by the struggles and experiences of its founders, providing a raw and honest portrayal of life’s darker aspects. This authenticity has struck a chord with listeners, leading to a rapidly growing fan base.

Artists Under G59 Records


As the founding act, $uicideboy$ have set the tone for G59 Records. Their music is a deeply personal exploration of addiction, depression, and the search for meaning, delivered with a fierce intensity that captivates audiences. The duo’s prolific output and unwavering honesty have made thehe underground music scene.


Another standout artist on the G59 roster is Germ, whose energetic performances and unique sound have earned him a loyal following. Blending elements of trap, rock, Germ’s music is both rebellious and introspective, making him a perfect fit for the label.


Shakewell brings a distinct flavor to G59 Records with his dynamic flow and gritty lyrical content. His music often delves into themes of excess and survival, delivered  rawness that resonates deeply with fans of the label.

Key Releases and Milestones

Breakthrough Albums

One. This album marked a significant point in the duo’s career, receiving critical acclaim and solidifying their place in the music industry. With tracks that are both haunting and reflective, it captures the essence of G59’s sound.

Collaborations and Projects

G59 Records is also known for its collaborative projects, which bring some together various artists from the label to create unique and from compelling music. fast shipping are vailane Notable collaborations include the “Grey Sheep” mixtape series, which features a mix of is ths olo tracks and collaborations between G59 artists, showcasing the diverse talents within the label.

The G59 Aesthetic

Visual Identity

G59 Records has a distinctive visual identity that complements its musical style. The label’s aesthetic is dark and gritty, often featuring monochromatic imagery and themes of death and rebirth. This visual the style is evident in everything from album covers to merchandise, creating a cohesive brand that fans can instantly recognize.

Merchandise and Branding

Merchandise is a significant aspect of the G59 brand, with a range of products that allow fans to express their allegiance to the label. From clothing to accessories, G59 merchandise features bold designs that reflect the label’s rebellious spirit. High-quality materials and exclusive releases make these items highly sought after by fans.

Community and Fan Engagement

Building a Loyal Fan Base

G59 Records has cultivated a passionate and loyal fan base through its commitment to authenticity and direct engagement. The label frequently interacts with fans via social media, providing updates, exclusive content, and insights into the creative process. This transparency and accessibility have helped to build a strong sense of community among G59 supporters.

Live Performances and Tours

Live performances are a cornerstone of G59’s connection with its fans. The label’s artists are known for their intense, high-energy shows that create an unforgettable experience.

Future of G59 Records

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