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How to Do Construction Takeoff: Your Complete Guide

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Construction Takeoff is considered to be the first step in a project estimation. Takeoff is the procedure of measuring how much material is needed. Based on the designs and blueprints of a project. Drawings and models are also analysed for a detailed assessment of all the materials necessary to complete a project.

When materials are finalised, an estimator must delve into the pricing stages. That is, the costs of direct materials and supporting costs for those materials are also included. All this cost information will be used in the estimation process. For example, in Electrical Takeoff Services, listing all the required components is essential. After that, overhead costs are assigned to it. All this information will be incorporated into the estimation process.

Why is Construction Takeoff Vital?

The importance of a takeoff cannot be overlooked. It is one of the first steps in the construction process. One can say that construction estimation starts with the takeoff procedure. By this process, an estimator identifies and quantifies the materials required. It usually includes the type of materials, quantity and quality.

Takeoffs must be accurate and thorough for residential or Commercial Construction Cost Estimation, as they are a vital part of the pre-construction procedure. Thus, estimations performed must be detailed and reviewed regularly. SMA MEP Estimate follows a developed set of guidelines. Their estimators accurately perform takeoff within the set constraints of time and budget.

Guide to Accurate Construction Takeoff

In takeoff,there are some standard steps that ensure the process is conducted ideally. Here are some guidelines which ensure that the takeoff process is performed smoothly:

1) Assess the Project Plans 

The foremost step in the construction takeoff is to check what type of material is required and how much. After evaluation of these factors, the next step is to analyse all the relevant documents. Such as blueprints, designs and structural plans. Along with all the relevant documentation associated with the construction. It is a must for an estimator to examine and measure all the material’s size, type, quality and quantity. This gives a clear understanding of takeoff in a construction process.

Take Measurements in Construction Takeoff

To accurately get the number of materials required in takeoff. It is essential to take measurements in the construction project. This will enable an estimator to get a project’s precise quantity of materials. For instance, to build a wall, the first step is to measure its length, width, and height. This will give a clear picture of all the required components. The measurement factor also depends upon how they are taken. Performing takeoffs digitally is more helpful as compared to manual takeoffs.

List Down the Materials Required

After the plan evaluation, listing the materials is vital in construction takeoff. To understand the project requirements, it is essential to Quantify the components. This can be a long and hectic process if done manually. Thus, this software immensely helps an estimator to complete tasks quickly and precisely. Listing of material must be done in a way that is easily interpreted by others. For example, it classifies the required materials by size, type, quality and quantity.

Calculate the Number of Materials for Construction Takeoff

Once the measurements are taken and materials are quantified. The actual quantities of required material can be determined. This procedure helps an estimator achieve the most excellent accuracy when taking takeoffs. Simply put, multiply the number of components with the given measurements. For example, if a contractor is building a wall with 1000 bricks, each brick is 12 inches. Then, 12000 inches of bricks are needed for that particular task.

Research Market Rates 

It is vital to do extensive market research before starting construction takeoff. By research, an estimator can understand the pricing trends of a project. This will enable an estimator to understand better what quality is acquired. As getting premium quality material at an affordable price is necessary.

Documentation of your Construction Takeoff Findings 

Once all the information is gathered. An estimator needs to document all that information and compile it together in a single document. This document will summarise all the material components of a construction project. Such as the name of the project, the material required, its quantity and the cost of all the relevant materials. Once that’s done, an estimator must analyse that document in detail and review it regularly.


To summarise, this article discusses the construction takeoff guidelines in detail. The detailed steps help an estimator achieve preciseness in takeoff and estimations. They are making sure that the construction process is streamlined till completion. These guidelines enable an estimator to determine the cost of material accurately. Thus, expenses, resources and costs are managed effectively. These guidelines enable an estimator to determine the cost of material accurately. Thus, expenses, resources and costs are managed effectively. 

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