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Illuminate Your Skin: Discover Laser Whitening in Abu Dhabi

Illuminate Your Skin: Discover Laser Whitening in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for an effective and advantageous skin-lightening and brightening process? Sometimes taking temporary treatments loss of confidence, affects mental health and decreases self-assurance. Some climatic conditions and too much sun or heat exposure make your skin boring and lifeless. In today’s era, groundbreaking procedures are available that create radiant, fresh, rejuvenated, and glowy skin; everyone wants it. So don’t take tension explore the advanced and impressive methods that enhance your look. Moreover,  work on your skin for betterment without incision or surgical way. Those methods take a lot of time to recover and a lot of risks involved. Illuminate your skin: Discover Laser Whitening in Abu Dhabi and get glamorous and luminous outcomes. To explore more about the treatment’s cost, pros and cons. Read on!

Laser skin whitening:

Laser technology is a widespread technique to overcome all these issues. In laser skin whitening, the main focus of the treatment is to decrease and maintain the level of melanin in the body. The laser beam targeted the undergrounded layer to reduce melanin production by breaking down the pigments and making the skin more toned and fairer the complexion.


A painless and quick procedure takes no time to provide the highest quality and divine outcomes within 30 minutes. Laser whitening is a cosmetic procedure which is non-invasive and non-surgical. It also addresses skin-related concerns such as expression lines, wrinkles, volume loss, deep spots and scars, discolouration and uneven facial texture.

Techniques of laser treatment:

Different techniques are used for laser treatment that’s included:


  • CO2 laser
  • Q- switch 
  • Erbium laser
  • Fraxel
  • Pulsed dye laser
  • Ablative laser
  • IPL
  • Halo technique

The problem tackled by laser whitening treatment:

 The main focused areas of laser whitening treatment are given below:

  • Permanently enhance the skin tone
  • Skin whitening by removing the dark spots
  • Scar reduction and skin resurfacing
  • Anti-ageing and skin tightening
  • Treat the dark circles and eliminate the freckles
  • Safe and budget-friendly process

Ideal candidates for laser whitening treatment:

The candidates who are perfect for laser whitening treatment are:

  • If you want to fade out the acne scars or ageing spots
  • If you are not having any allergic issues
  • Individuals who improve the discolouration and texture of the skin 
  • Who gets rid of expression lines and softens the spots 
  • Who wants an individual looking for sleek lines and flat wrinkles 
  • The ones who have patches on the skin and want a glowy skin tone
  • Individuals below 18 and above 55 are not recommended for the treatment.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers also avoid laser treatments

Preparation of laser whitening treatment:

To ensure the best results, these steps should be followed before the treatment:


  • Consult the qualified professional and discuss the suitable method and your desired goals
  • Avoid too much sun exposure for at least four weeks before the appointment to play down the risk of complications
  • Avoid harsh chemical and cosmetic products before 24 to 48 hours that interpret  the laser beam to target deeper layers more efficiently
  • Do not use other hair removal methods like waxing, plucking, or hair removal cream because it affects the laser technique.

Working methodology: Procedural steps:

  • The first step of the procedure is to make the patient comfortable in the specific environment.
  • Then, protect the eyes of the patient and the expert by putting on goggles.
  • The dermatologist applies general anaesthesia on the skin to reduce the soreness.
  • The expert used a laser device to bring it near the skin surface. The high-powered short adaptable laser technique focuses on the problematic area.
  • The high beam helps to break down the skin cells that produce melanin deposits into tiny bits without damaging the skin and hair follicles giving an instant glow and natural shine.
  • To ensure the minimise the hardship the expert also uses a cooling device to calm the skin
  • Complete the procedure in 30 to 40 minutes and end it by applying the soothing gel to the treated area.

Aftercare advised by Dermatologist:

To avoid any inconvenience follow some instructions:

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the treated area for at least two weeks to prevent hyperpigmentation and other complications
  • Temporary redness, irritation,  and swelling may be observed
  • Applying a cool compress can help reduce discomfort on the skin
  • Use a gentle, fragrance-free, and mild cleanser on the skin
  • Refrain from using alcohol-based toners, harsh scrubs, and polishing products on the face.
  • Hot baths should be avoided for at least eight hours
  • Avoid touching, scratching and scrubbing the treated area.


The healing process depends on aftercare. In laser whitenming treatment the downtime is almost zero but about 2 to 3 days are enough for internal complete recovery. If the patient feels any disturbance or discomfort, follow up with the expert and discuss the problem. The expert suggested minimising sun exposure to get visible up-to-the-mark outcomes. Thus, these procedures get extraordinary results and enhance self-possession through an attractive appearance.

Required number of sessions:

Laser whitening treatment gives mind-blowing results after the first session but to maintain the result yearly 1 to 2 sessions are recommended for temporary results. for permanent outcomes, 3 to 6 sessions are required. The gap between the sessions must be 6 to 8 weeks. For flourishing results, the dermatologist recommends that six months are enough to take the next session.

Versatile influence:

Our treatments bring your skin’s natural beauty outside. Other positive impacts of the procedure are revealed below:

  • A youthful glow that lasts for a long time
  • Faded the blemishes and scars
  • Lifting and tightening effects on the face
  • Noticeable Improvement in the appearance of deep wrinkles and acne
  • Increased volume and plumpness of the skin
  • Positively effective for the whole body
  • Relatively inexpensive procedure 
  • Completely safe treatment with no side effect
  • Zero downtime hence resume daily routine right after treatment

Total expenditure on laser whitening treatment:

The total expense of laser whitening treatment is much less than other laser procedures. The actual cost depends on:

  • Need and treatment goal of an individual
  • The number of sessions required by the patients
  • The size of the area being treated
  • The laser device and expert fees
  • Condition of patient
  • Quality of the equipment
  • Qualification of dermatologist
  • Clinic location

Secret to happiness: choosing us:

Enfield Royal Clinic, Abu Dhabi offers extraordinary expert professionals, a highly trained team and advanced technology at affordable prices in a specified environment. We treated on cause according to preference and skin need. Our clinic has flexible and convenient clinical hours to educate patients about risks and make better health decisions using a natural approach for most treatments. For a favourable outcome in the laser whitening process choose us because our experts have practised the procedures for years and years. The practitioners try to be painless throughout the procedure according to the patient’s objectives

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