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The Ultimate List of Sandwich Wrapping Paper Folding Ideas

Sandwich Paper

Sandwiches are liked by people belonging to different cultures and the presentation of the sandwiches can also add to the improvement of the overall experience. The appropriate names for the materials used include sandwich paper. The materials serve the twin purposes of maintaining the food’s freshness as well as allowing the user to be creative when presenting his/her sandwich. 

Classic Triangular Fold 

The basic triangular fold is a never-out-of-fashion fold, and it is rather easy to do. The placing of a sandwich is done diagonally on a square piece of specialized sandwich wrap paper. Crest one corner of the sandwich and put the other corner of the sandwich on top of it to develop a triangular shape. Screw on a top cap, or decorate with a sticker or some twine for a more country feel. This method also goes well with the custom printed sandwich paper for the individualization of each sandwich. 

An Enlargement Envelope Fold Uniquely 

As a version that gives a slightly more formal look or appearance, there is the Envelope fold. First, you are going to need a piece of rectangular custom sandwich paper. Position the sandwich in the center and bring the two top and two bottom flaps over the sandwich respectively. Now, just like in the envelope, bend the sides so that they should have an overlapped appearance. 

Accordion Fold 

The accordion fold is equally beautiful and also aids in ensuring the sandwich is wrapped nicely and tight. Start with a specifically shaped rectangular sheet of custom sandwich wrap paper. Bring one side cover it over the other side of the sandwich and go over it again like how an accordion is folded. Complete the wrapping by tying it with a ribbon or by using a sandwich paper sticker with the organization’s logo on it. 

Pocket Fold 

Said pocket should be made from modified sandwich paper that has been processed into a convenient pocket for the sandwich. Using a square or rectangular sheet fold one side across the sandwich and fold the other side across the sandwich to completely enclose the sandwich. This method is excellent for those forms of snacks that can be eaten on the go. 

Roll-Up Fold 

This is suitable for longer sandwiches or wraps and once closed, you have a neat fold on the roll-up part. Open out the sheet of wrap paper in the shape of a rectangle and put the sandwich in its center such that its two corners touch the two diagonals of the rectangle. Tightly roll the sandwich towards the opposite corner of the paper, where the cheese should be outside. Secure with colored-coated sandwich paper tape or twine for a professional appearance. 


Bow Tie Fold 

As a more playful fold, there is the bow tie fold. Place the sandwich…. .cross on a square sheet of special sandwich wrapping paper. Bring the two opposite edges of the sandwich towards the middle of the sandwich pushing them upward in a way that they slightly cover each other. Shrink with a small strip of waxed custom-printed paper with a tape-like texture or any other decorative sticker that is in the form of a bow tie. 

Lotus Fold 

Lotus fold when completed resembles a flower and hence can impress the guest. Presuming you are using a sandwich paper that has 16 square inches of area, we start with a square sheet. It is ensured that the 4 corners can be folded towards the middle of the paper and then each of the folds should be gently undone to make petals. Put the sandwich in the center bring the petals upwards and cover the sandwich. Tightly pack and secure it with a ribbon or ideas on how to customize the sandwich paper sticker. 

 Hexagonal Fold 

Provide your sandwich with a hexagonal cover by using a hexagon cut-out of a special customized sandwich paper. Put the sandwich in the middle, pull the sides as far as you can bring them over, and tuck them in the middle forming a hexagonal shape. Secure with custom printed wax paper tape or a sticker. It is suitable when you are preparing for a catering service or some occasions that require special preparation. 

Pleated Fold 

Pleating the fold allows the sandwich to gain some texture that can add more flair to the actual presentation. Start with a rectangular piece of your choice of customized paper. On some plates, fold one edge to the middle of the sandwich, and then fold the other plates into small accordions. Reinforce using a ribbon or a sandwich paper customized sticker for your brand. This fold is rather convenient and at the same time aesthetically pleasant to the eye. 


Thus, mastering the folding techniques of sandwich paper can richly complement the visual appeal of your sandwiches for normal lunches, gatherings, or even parties. The nine folding ideas here can now help you create and think about how to make your sandwiches: not only tasty but beautifully presented as well. Therefore the next time you decide to make sandwiches for dinner, or any occasion, it is advisable to employ some of these methods and be outstanding in your presentation of styles.


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