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What You Need to Know Houston’s Best Car Rental Companies

best car rentals in Houston

Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city, is a huge metropolis renowned for its varied culinary options, exciting cultural scene, and abundance of attractions. For an expedient way to tour this city, many visitors choose to rent a car. This blog aims to provide comprehensive information on the best car rentals in Houston, helping you make the best choice for your travel needs.

Why Rent a Car in Houston?

Houston’s extensive area and dispersed attractions make having a car almost a necessity. Public transportation, while available, may not always be the most convenient option, especially if you plan to visit multiple destinations in a day. Renting a car offers several advantages:

  • Convenience: Having a car allows you to travel on your own schedule without being dependent on public transit timetables.
  • Flexibility: You can visit attractions that are off the beaten path or not easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Comfort: A rental car provides a comfortable and private mode of transportation, especially during Houston’s hot and humid summers.

Top Car Rental Companies in Houston

Houston is home to numerous car rental companies, each offering a range of vehicles and services. Here are some of the top car rental companies you should consider:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Overview: Enterprise is one of the most well-known car rental companies in the world, and its presence in Houston is robust. Known for its excellent customer service and wide range of vehicle options, Enterprise is a top choice for many travelers.

Key Features:

  • An extensive network of locations throughout Houston.
  • Wide range of vehicles, from economy cars to luxury SUVs.
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Comprehensive insurance options.


Overview: Hertz is another global car rental giant with a strong presence in Houston. Hertz is known for its high-quality vehicles and excellent customer service.

Key Features:

  • Large selection of vehicles, including luxury and high-performance cars.
  • Easy online booking and mobile app for managing reservations.
  • Frequent flyer partnerships and loyalty programs.
  • Optional roadside assistance.


Overview: Avis is a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers. It offers competitive pricing and a wide range of vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Convenient locations, including at major airports and downtown areas.
  • Wide range of vehicles, including environmentally friendly options.
  • Preferred Service membership for faster rentals.
  • Comprehensive insurance and protection plans.

Budget Car Rental

Overview: As the name suggests, Budget Car Rental is a great option for travelers looking for affordable rental options without sacrificing quality.

Key Features:

  • Competitive pricing with frequent promotions and discounts.
  • Extensive fleet of vehicles, including compact cars and minivans.
  • Fastbreak membership program for expedited service.
  • Flexible rental terms and mileage options.

National Car Rental

Overview: National Car Rental is favored by frequent travelers, particularly those in the business sector, due to its seamless rental process and high-quality service.

Key Features:

  • Emerald Club membership for quick and easy rentals.
  • Wide range of vehicles, including luxury and performance models.
  • Excellent customer service with dedicated business rental programs.
  • Convenient locations at airports and in major cities.

Factors to Consider When Renting a Car

When choosing the best car rental company in Houston, consider the following factors to ensure you get the best deal and the most suitable vehicle for your needs:


  • Compare prices from different companies to find the best deal.
  • Check for additional costs, such as insurance, taxes, and fuel charges.
  • Consider the overall value, not just the base rental price.

Vehicle Selection

  • Ensure the company offers a variety of vehicles to choose from.
  • Consider the type of vehicle you need based on your travel plans (e.g., economy car for city travel, SUV for road trips).

Customer Service

  • Read customer reviews to gauge the quality of service.
  • Look for companies with a reputation for excellent customer support and assistance.

Location Convenience

  • Choose a rental company with convenient pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Consider companies with locations at airports, downtown areas, and near major attractions.

Additional Services

  • Check if the company offers additional services, such as GPS navigation, child seats, and roadside assistance.
  • Look for companies that provide flexible rental terms and policies.

Tips for Finding the Best Car Rental Deals

Here are some tips to help you find the best car rental deals in Houston:

Book in Advance

  • Booking your rental car in advance can help you secure better rates and availability.
  • Last-minute bookings may result in higher prices and limited vehicle options.

Compare Prices Online

  • Use comparison websites to check prices from multiple rental companies.
  • Look for discounts and special offers available online.

Look for Discounts and Coupons

  • Search for discount codes and coupons that can be applied to your booking.
  • Check with membership organizations, such as AAA or AARP, for potential discounts.

Consider Membership Programs

  • Many car rental companies offer membership programs that provide benefits, such as faster service and discounted rates.
  • Join loyalty programs to earn points and enjoy perks on future rentals.

Be Aware of Hidden Fees

  • Read the rental agreement carefully to understand any additional fees that may apply.
  • Common hidden fees include airport surcharges, additional driver fees, and late return charges.


Renting a car in Houston is a practical and convenient way to explore the city and its surroundings. By choosing one of the best car rental companies in Houston, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Find the best fit for your needs by taking into account aspects like price, vehicle selection, customer service, and location convenience before choosing between Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget, or National. Get the greatest savings by making reservations far in advance, comparing costs, and keeping an eye out for sales. Making the most of your trip to Houston and taking advantage of everything this energetic city has to offer is possible with the correct rental automobile.


Q: What is the minimum age to rent a car in Houston?

A: The minimum age to rent a car in Houston is typically 21 years old. However, some companies may have higher age requirements or charge an additional fee for drivers under 25.

Q: Do I need insurance to rent a car?

A: While insurance is not legally required to rent a car, it is highly recommended. You can purchase insurance from the rental company or use coverage from your personal auto insurance policy or credit card.

Q: Can I rent a car with a debit card?

A: Many car rental companies accept debit cards, but policies vary. Some may require additional identification or a credit check. It is best to check with the rental company in advance.

Q: What should I do if my rental car breaks down?

A: If your rental car breaks down, contact the rental company immediately. Most companies offer roadside assistance to help you in case of a breakdown or emergency.

Q: Can I rent a car one-way in Houston?

A: Yes, many car rental companies offer one-way rentals. However, additional fees may apply, and availability may vary. It is best to confirm this option when making your reservation.

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