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Why Easter is the Best Time for Umrah for Muslims in the UK?

Easter Umrah packages

Hajj is a sacred Muslim pilgrimage, that is obligatory for every capable Muslim if they can afford it. Umrah, on the other hand, is a Sunnah, but Muslims try to perform it if they can’t perform Hajj. This is why the holy city of Mecca is full of pilgrims throughout the year, to renew their faith and revitalise their souls.

The life of an average person has become fast-paced with the advent of the modern age, especially for Muslims living in the UK. Being a resident of a Christian country, they have to align their Umrah plans with Christian holidays. This is why they tend to perform Umrah during the Easter holidays. This article will detail why Easter is the best time for Muslims in the UK to perform Umrah and the benefits of the Easter Umrah packages.

Benefits of Easter Umrah Packages

To help pilgrims get the most out of their journey, travel agencies offer specialised Umrah deals. These packages ensure that pilgrims perform their ritual worship without any worry. The following are the benefits of Easter Umrah deals to convince pilgrims that Easter might be the best time for them to perform the pilgrimage:

1-      Extended Holidays

As stated, the life of an average person has gotten busy and fast-paced in modern times. They can barely make time for themselves or their family. With an Easter Umrah deal, pilgrims don’t have to worry about work as offices and schools are closed during the Easter holidays.

Aside from the seasonal holidays, pilgrims can combine their annual leave to extend their stay in Mecca. This ensures that pilgrims fully realise the goal of the pilgrimage. With extended holidays, pilgrims can perform Umrah with peace of mind.

2-      Favorable Weather

Saudi Arabia’s weather is hot for most of the year. The hot climate, combined with crowds of other pilgrims, can test one’s patience. It can be argued that Umrah itself is an exercise in patience, and these difficulties are part of it.

However, Easter arrives in the in the spring of every year. With pilgrims aligning their Umrah with the Easter holiday, they get to perform it in the spring. During spring, the temperature remains between 34 and 21 degrees, which makes it easy for pilgrims to tolerate the crowds.

3-      Affordable

Not specific to the Easter Umrah packages per se, but Umrah deals in general offered by travel agencies are cheap. Privately, pilgrims have to plan everything themselves, and it’s also expensive. On the other hand, the travel agency has contacts with hotels and airlines and can negotiate better deals at a low price.

Privately, these accommodations would be expensive, and the hotel is often at a distance from the holy Haram, as most hotels close to it are booked by travel agencies for their clients. In short, with an Umrah package, the pilgrims not only get to perform Umrah at an affordable rate but also, stay at a hotel close to Kaaba.

Types of Umrah Packages

There are different tiers of Umrah deals offered by travel agencies. Each tier is categorised as per price and services. Pilgrims have to option between 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star packages. Here is what you get with each tier:

  • 3-star Umrah Package: This is the least expensive Umrah deal that comes with a 3-star hotel stay, return flights, and transportation. The cost of the package varies depending on how long the pilgrim intends to stay in Mecca.
  • 4-star Umrah Package: This Umrah package offers the most value for money. It comes with a 4-star hotel stay, direct flights, and transportation. The hotel is usually close to the Kaaba, which makes it easy for pilgrims to enter the Haram and offer prayers.
  • 5-star Umrah Package: The most opulent package money can buy that comes with a 5-star hotel stay, direct flights, ground transfers, and transportation between Mecca and Medina. Pilgrims also get support from on-ground staff in case of an emergency.

To Wrap Up

Easter is the best time to plan Umrah for Muslims living in the UK. By aligning their pilgrimage with Easter, pilgrims can perform it with peace of mind and the weather is favourable for the most part. Muslims Holy Travel offers Easter Umrah packages at an affordable rate in the UK. Visit our website and get a quote for your customised Umrah deal.

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